Hello and welcome – this my new base where I’ll collect together various strands of my work.  The previous postings here are all mirrored from the original Miraculous Agitations site.  From here onward, these feeds will diverge and I intend to use the feed on this current site to post news and other miscellany.  The original Miraculous Agitations blog will be continued as before, with emphasis on longwinded ramblings as usual.

The most recent emission over there was a short post titled “Entangled Histories: Digging out Electronic Music’s Roots (or, what’s electronic, and what’s not)” which highlighted what appears to be the first electronic instrument performance in the UK.  An expanded documentation of this particular marvel will be found in my upcoming study on the evolution of acoustic novelties on stage (current publication date unknown, but anticipated for 2015).  More info to follow…

alfred graham 1894

Alfred Graham’s telephonic feedback flute – from his 1894 patent