Problems with the Radionics Radio web application

There are currently many software problems being reported with the Radionics Radio web application.  On many systems, the rotation rate (in Frequency Search mode) progresses at a cripplingly low speed.

This will be fixed soon.  A new downloadable version of the app is also on the horizon.  More info soon….

2 thoughts on “Problems with the Radionics Radio web application

  1. Hi! is there data supporting the experiment, that thoughts are indeed manifesting into reality ? perhaps setup page to get input from the subjects and then check if the results exceed the probabilities and confirm the device/program works !!

    • Hi, Many thanks for your comment – and this is a very good question. Any feedback on the efficacy of Radionics Radio would be really interesting to hear. Coincidentally, last week, a lady who submitted the thought “lost tabby cat comes home” on behalf of a worried pet owner told me the pet had returned safely soon after a five minute broadcast of the combined frequencies. This might be a coincidence of course(!), but you’re absolutely right – a feedback page would be a good way to check the outcomes of the submissions. I’ll devise something to facilitate this.

      So far, the data analysis is on patterns: studying the actual phenomena itself by looking for unexpected correlations, etc. in the numbers. A program looks for patterns in the incoming data, detecting whether somebody’s frequencies for “love”, or “win lottery” for instance, matches up with another’s submission of the same theme. This is done by spanning the frequency ratios up the frequency spectrum to create a ‘scale’ from the original frequencies, and tallying up the gaps (or ratios) between the ‘notes’. I’ve also been playing ‘clouds’ of similarly themed thought-frequencies to individual listeners to see whether they can detect a semblance of the original mood of the thoughts. Some interesting findings will be presented here soon, but more data is always needed.
      More info soon…
      Gratefullest regards,

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